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Pawnbrokers & Terms of Lending for Cash Loans in Newcastle and Surrounding Regions

Mobile Money AustraliaTerms of Lending

Our friendly experienced and professional staff will be pleased to explain in detail any queries you might have regarding our policies. PLEASE CALL 1300 466 000.

  • Specialising in short terms 1, 2 or 3 months but can be extended if required.
  • Lend up to 70% of the value of goods being used for the pledge or loan
  • Costs are calculated on monthly basis with substantial discounts if paid back early in month by the first or second week.
  • Loans can also be arranged for long term ie, personal loans, car, boat, motorcycle, truck or any machinery of loan.

Mobile Money Australia operates under the pawn broking laws and regulations and is designed for people and businesses requiring short term cash loans within 1 hour. Our pawnbrokers require no credit checks, work history or accountants figures. If prospective clients have the assets to use there are no other requirements. Especially designed for self-employed small business owners, we all know the frustration and waiting times the banks and financial institutions put us through. We are fully tax deductable if used for business, contracts and money can be made available within the hour.



Mobile Money Australia – Items and Goods we pledge loans against

Mobile Money Australia pawnbrokers will loan money up to 70% of the wholesale value – against cars, boats, motorcycles, jet skis, caravans, trucks and trailers, plant machinery, aeroplanes, quality gold and diamond jewellery or anything of value.
We can also arrange loans against legal property settlements, wills and probate settlements, client claims (or money coming to a client through a solicitor)

Security and Insurance

Mobile Money Australia is situated in Newcastle at 7 Alhambra Av, Cardiff. The business is professionally monitored by 9 recording video cameras, 2 laser beams and back to base movement sensor detecting alarms. All of our client pledges are kept under cover and video surveillance is 24 hours per day. The larger pledges ie, some trailers, boats or plant equipment are kept under contract by Kings Storage and or Kennards Self Storage. Large boats are kept under contract with a boat marina.

All client pledges are fully insured through McClusky Insurance Brokers and are fully covered for fire, damage and theft. It is most important that prospective clients check thoroughly that the goods they are thinking of pledging to borrow money against with any company is fully insured, video surveillance and under cover with lock up premises.


Mobile Money Australia was Established in 1994

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